Another Stranger

is it me or am i just pretending of not knowing it at all?
well, i know one thing, and maybe i'm trying to recall
that i am just another stranger who pass by saying hello
then there comes a day where this stranger has to say goodbye

i've rose from my greatest fall
but still my life is rolling like a ball
am i just trying to run away from this shadow?
as far as i'm concern i've been living under the same old lies

you came into my life and lighten up my darkest days
you shine like the sun and comfort me like the breeze
you showed me how to survive every day
you put my soul alight

but somewhere in the corner of your mind
there's a change of heart
i'm still caught in questions
it bugged me all the time
i might pretend to not ever question it then
though how my heart needs to know the truth

but it's plain to see that i'm just another stranger who drops by
saying hello then goodbye
every day seems so different than the days i had before
still deep within me
i'm just a stranger in your own heart

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