Another Stranger

is it me or am i just pretending of not knowing it at all?
well, i know one thing, and maybe i'm trying to recall
that i am just another stranger who pass by saying hello
then there comes a day where this stranger has to say goodbye

i've rose from my greatest fall
but still my life is rolling like a ball
am i just trying to run away from this shadow?
as far as i'm concern i've been living under the same old lies

you came into my life and lighten up my darkest days
you shine like the sun and comfort me like the breeze
you showed me how to survive every day
you put my soul alight

but somewhere in the corner of your mind
there's a change of heart
i'm still caught in questions
it bugged me all the time
i might pretend to not ever question it then
though how my heart needs to know the truth

but it's plain to see that i'm just another stranger who drops by
saying hello then goodbye
every day seems so different than the days i had before
still deep within me
i'm just a stranger in your own heart

It Flew By...

Another day spent...
hmm... I might say it's not such a bad day but it's kinda a bit dull and maybe boring
well.. boring is just another word for it, anyways, today, I think it's the 2nd day it rained.. oh gosh..
I can feel the season now.. woohoo.. hooray! LoL

And today, the folks just got into the studio, getting their bad ass and ready to kick some fine tune out there, heard it, it's good.. and up until now, they're still hanging out.. well, it's sort of a-long-time-no-see thing going on.. hahaha

Yet, it's still awkward for me.. since I deactivate my facebook thing, kinda miss it though.. hey, i'm going back anytime.. it's kinda boring as well, but I kinda feel a bit awkward of being a "7-eleven" a.k.a 24/7 on the line.. I annoyed my parents.. LoL

But what else I'm doing.. yup, I've been asked to find a job -I didn't go for it- reason, have no thoughts about it, what a thought, right? and then I'd go complaining, whatever-whatever
still I am spending my time surfing the net, looking for something new.. searching for new info..
YouTube.. download some few goodies oldies songs... etc-etc.. and yeah, i started to tweet! haha

well, maybe Twitter isn't as 'fun' as Facebook but still it's a whole new thing for me.. to me, it's nice as we are able to see or know what other people are doing... Honestly, Twitter got a whole bunch of superstars... LoL.. It's new to me and to everybody but once you're in, it's everything...

Can you believe it's already mid November??
A month before Christmas... yup, and then New Year again.. damn, how time flies...
the whole year, I mean this year, I can't say it's bad, I can't even say it's good but well.. it's spicy year I think..

Had the awkward October, yeah, it's definitely awkward, don't know why...
And, this year is just weird... Some superstars doesn't last long, R.I.P to them
A sad year for them...

Anyways, today is such a weird day... I mean, I don't even realise today's Saturday!
Oh God, am I just forgetting everything now?
Such a weak memory... I don't even remember the date!! all I know is that it's November!
Well, maybe it's a sign of telling me, go out and have a run for your life... LoL
and well, my lips are hurting.. and damn.. it does killing me..

Some things never change yet some things do change
And those things keep bothering my head...
It burden my heart as well
I wonder why..
Alright then... I think that's all for today, Bloggy!

>Fogive Me Twice<

"....How Things Have Changed.....121109"

Well, it's a very strange day for me..
I mean, days, I guess...
Been gone from a site, and I'm surfing the net looking for something new
And guess what, I did found a very few things and that gave an inspirations and everything
Also, I gained something from a know-nothing to a know-something even it's just for a little tiny things..

And today, say it's a 'whoa' day..
I woke up and got my neck aching.. damn.. I can't even turn to the left
Even worst *almost*, my mum asked me to drive her to work
One thing, I didn't tell anyone about it..

I'm trying to be cool, I'm trying to be fine here...
Truth is, I can't.. But still I'm trying though

As I was driving, I did look all around me..
How some things has changed over the past few years
I did notice almost like everything
Nowadays, there are no more kids running around with friends like it used to be
No more teenagers hanging around with their guitars and bicycles.. whatsoever
Hey, by the way, teenagers nowadays are more modern.. they are more up-to-date than the person writing this here...
Funny thing is, teenagers nowadays are very much different than the past few years
I have to admit, I am one of it but if you think about it, it's totally different
There are no more "us" thing if they work in a group.... trust me
Not many teenagers are like that nowadays

And then I noticed that all the old folks are now getting much older or should I say wiser
Well, time flew so fast ain't it?
How time has changed the people around
I can't even imagine myself now and then
I was just a little baby boy and now turning into a grown man
And I haven't still got anything! What the.. Oh well...

I ain't getting any if I don't start from the very beginning
Well, ok, anyways, moving on
Or else I'd be throwing off the same old thing over and over again
Yup, still am thinking about that f******* &%*#*#(@())!! thing.. LoL
If I think about it, I think we were all cheated by that thing...
Gosh, why on earth are they living like that??
I thought they were the best but then they turned it the other way
F**** it if they don't have anything else..
Gosh, sorry I'm being so rude here..

Anyways, anyways... Enough is enough now
I wonder if I can spend myself a little more time to myself before Christmas
Yeah, Christmas is just around the corner, ain't it?
And also I'm gonna buy "Where We Are" album... I just can't wait!! Huwaaa...
I may be will spending some time off then maybe a week before Christmas
Maybe earlier.. Depends though as a plan can change...
And I wonder also... hrrmm...
Well, I'll be back there.. I will.. and start over...

Ok.. maybe that's all.. I don't know what else..
Until then...

.::L.O.V.E::. [A Painted Feeling]

"Love is a painted feeling.."

Every missing pieces...
They say you should find these missing pieces to complete the picture
It's like you're playing a jigsaw puzzle
That's how we fell for one another
The feeling of loss felt deep inside
And long to find the other
It doesn't matter about the distance being too wide

Every lover would sacrifice their life to get over their loved one
And dare to take risks of life
And maybe that's why they call love is blind
And love knows no boundaries
And everyone who fell for love would be such a fool
It made everything right in their own world
Sometimes it drove you crazy and carried away
And sometimes love knows no limitations

Some would ask why they feel such a strong feeling deep inside
And wonder why it appears in all of a sudden
It turns a grey little world to a colourful little world
It turns every sadness to laughter
And they'd feel it'd grew so strong
They even know when you're losing it all

But love isn't all about the laughter
Sometimes it leads you to your own nightmare
Love can bring you death
And all the sorrows take over when you're losing them all
Like what the folks said, you can't always have good things in life
Face it, love isn't a pure beautiful
Love has its dark side too
Love is still a mystery
It bring you all you want but expect the unexpected from it too

But love has always been part of life
Which we can't define it
Love is universal, we might have a different view about it
Love is white, love is black, love is blue.. Love is just everything
From the joy to sadness
You can't say you don't have love for living
'Cause love is within us from the moment we were born...